Program – Winter 2019

Welcome to our Winter 2019 session!

This is a quick overview of what to expect for our cast this season! Some of the content coverage will naturally overlap but this will give you a good idea of what we will work on during our sessions.

All our sessions begin with warm up drama games and breathing exercises.

January 17 2019 – Getting to know you
Drama is a relationship. We act in relation to one another – so today will be all about getting to know each other. We will also practice our voices, movement and sounds to Maurice Sendak’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

We will discuss our Performance on March 15.

January 24 2019 – What’s in a speech?
What is a speech? Can we make non-fiction happen on the fly? We will practice speech techniques today.

January 31 2019 – Speech/Drama crossover
Being Dramatic when we speak – Characterization through voices, and spoken word poetry. Homework: Speech preparation

February 7 2019 – Speech!
Preparing our speeches and performing it to our class.

Feburary 28 2019 – Drama
Practicing improv. Our reader’s theatre performance – roles, story creation, characterizations.

March 7 2019 – Drama
Improv skills. Practicing Reader’s Theatre Performance.

March 14 2019 – Drama
Skill development. Practicing our Reader’s Theatre Performance.

March 15 2019 – Performance SCA Community Association

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